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Sunday, August 24, 2014

No Dig Garden

This was my weekend project.  I took Fay to Big W to get some school stuff.  Fay's worst fear came true - I just have to 'have a look' at the garden department.  I couldn't resist this bargain - instant garden bed. So I decided to build my very first no-dig garden.

The packaging is the first layer - this will stop the weeds from growing.

Next some soil (with chicken manure) from the chook house

Saw dust is added to retain water

I decided to do an experiment.  I am putting a 'mini worm farm' in the middle which in theory will provide nutrients to the plants.

Next I add some coffee ground

More soil from the chook house as top layer before planting.

I was preparing one of the patch for spring planting, and dug out some potatoes that I missed from last harvest.