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Saturday, January 29, 2011

Jan 2011

My favourite type of vegetable - 'cut-and-come-again'.

A surprise addition to my backyard - mango tree.  This one just pop-out of the compost.  If I have a greenhouse, it might survive the cold, frosty winter of Melbourne.

Just harvested my very first cherry tomotoes this summer.

We finished our first batch of beans.  This is the second batch - you can see the baby beans sprouting out just under the flower.

The eggplants have lots of flowers but I don't have many eggplants.  I have noticed that there are not many bees in the backyard this summer.  Consider keeping my own bee hive in the backyard.

I thought we didn't have pumpkin this year, next thing I know I have pumpkin popping out everywhere (literally).

Among the bush below, there are two rockmelon plants growing.

Here is a cucumber almost ready for harvest.  We have harvested a few of them and stirred fry for dinner.  The kids love it.

Bitter gourd

Asian vegetable - great for cooking tom-yum soup


Almost time to make chilli sauce.

Another species of chilli plant

This watermelon plant was a real surprise.  The seed was mixed in the asian gourd seed pack we bought.  Hoping the plant will make it to fruition.  No flowers in sight.

Asian gourd - not flowering yet.

Red Russian (planted from the seeds collected from previous season)
Carob tree - hasn't it grown?

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