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Saturday, May 11, 2013

Autumn in my garden

I have bad news, a neighbour's dog got into our chook house and killed all the chicken.  Here is the photo of the criminal. The house was fox-proof, they know if they get in, they won't be able to get out, so no fox would attempt the crime.  But the dog, she knows she could get away with murder, well she did.  She said 'sorry' in her own way, face down and wagged her tail while I gave her the lecture.  This happened in late March.  I missed my chicken.  I have to wait till spring (September) to get new chicken.  Meanwhile I have to lower my standard of living - buy eggs from the supermarket!

This is the first time we actually sow seeds in late March, which translate to having plants growing over autumn.  I have since harvested beans, lettuce, silverbeet and bak choy.

Due to climate change, our chilli plants are still producing kilos of chilli - I now have jars of chilli sauce, dried chilli flakes and frozen chilli.

a few red ones, most are still green and black with lots of flowers

We have harvested some of these

Seeds recently sow, protected with a net as birds seem to like this particular veg

moved the lemongrass against the fence to protect from winter cold.  The brick fence will  provide some heat

I used to feed the silverbeet to the chicken.  Now that they are gone, we have surplus

I tend to broadcast seeds over the patch without actually planting them neatly in rows.  So this look like a 'little united nation' of veg.  The silverbeet was self-seeding, I harvested some seeds, whatever was left on the ground have decided to pop up.

Climbing bean
Climbing beans have higher yield than the low standing ones.
non climbing beans
This is what I harvest this morning - Mother's Day present to myself!