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Saturday, December 10, 2011


We got new chicken this year to replace the old ones.  This time I decided to get Australorp.

Collected the first egg on 29/11/2011.  Noticed how small the egg is.  Fay loves them, in her words, "They are so cute!".  The eggs are bigger now, but still not as big as those produced by Isa Brown.

Updates on the vege patch.

8 days later, we can see the fruit.

Planted second batch of tomato seed in Oct.  Here is a picture of the seedling.

Protecting cucumber seedlings from the snails and slugs using plaster bottles.

4 weeks later ...

Have been harvesting coriander, they just keep coming.

Beans ...

They are climbing!

Strawberries ...
4 weeks later ...

Attempt to grow watermelon.  It took a long time to grow from seed to this. 

On the other hand, Pak Choy seems to grow very fast, according to instruction, 8 weeks from planting to harvest.  I put egg shells to prevent snails from getting to the plant.  It seems to do the trick.

My first attempt at growing chickpeas.  To feed the chicken as well as using it as green manure.

Lady Fingers - grown from seeds we saved last year.  Seems to take forever to grow.

Batch 3 of tomatoes was unplanned, just sprouted from the compost.