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Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Jan 2010

Eggplant - has purple flower, but not sure if it will make it after the heat.

Ginger - very slow growing plant.  The true test will be this winter - if this survive the winter cold, I will have a year supply of ginger. It's looking very healthy at the moment.

We have harvested a few cucumber this summer - sweet!  This species is white in colour, but taste just like the usual green cucumber.

Zucchini - haven't harvested any.  The heat killed a few of my baby zucchinni.  Let's hope this new batch will make it to the dinner table.

The beans - those wild birds killed a lot of our plants.  A few survived, the yield per plant is really high.

Tomota - haven't harvested any this season but they are coming along very nicely.  These grow out of compost, so I have no idea which species they are. 

Another one that grow out of compost. We think this is rockmelon.

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tessle said...

Your vegies look very healthy Hui - must get some tips from you on gardening - how are you by the way?