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Saturday, December 4, 2010

Dec updates

We took some Carob seed from Coffs Harbour during our last Easter visit there.  Four of them has germinated beautifully.

Beans are starting to flower ...

Eggplants and capsicum are planted together (no idea if they make good companion plants).  Well, they don't seem to mind each other.

We harvested some snowpea leaves for dinner the other day.  Waiting for the snowpea to flower soon.

Zucchini has lots of flowers and I can see one tiny zucchini started to grow.

Asian melon is growing nicely.  The reason I am growing this is hoping to dry the melon and use it as sponge for washing the dishes.

Cucumber has started to flower as well.  We were not successful with cucumber previously, so hopefully this season we might have some success.

Tomato is coming along nicely.  Since my last update, I have a few more tomotoe plants coming out of the compost.

Started growing next batch of coriander.  I have collected some seeds for next season as well as for cooking. Just checked online, they are selling 20g of coriander seeds for $4.50.  I collected just over 20g.  Guess you can't get rich selling coriander seeds!

Biodiversity at works?  The nectarin tree grown with all the vegetables around it (beans, silverbeet, lettuce) seems to be doing better than the others that are on their own.

Asian green.

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