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Saturday, April 28, 2012

How much land do you need to grow vegies?

An overview of 'size of my garden'.

This is a very narrow strip of land on our driveway.  We managed to plant climbing beans, tomatoes, 3 chilli plants, some Asian greens and mint.  Now that tomato season is over, I will be planting some green vegies over autumn.  The beans climb along the fence, tomatoes grow upwards, we have asian greens growing at ground level.
This is a small patch in the backyard, used to have the tomato plants growing here.  We now have green vegies.

A different view of the same patch. We also grow vegies in containers.

This is another patch.  We have luffa climbing along the fence and over the top. This is a much bigger patch than the one above.  There are 3 chilli plants close to the fence, also some strawberries. Red russian and lettuce self-seeding most of the time.  Almost have constant supply of lettuce all year round.

We still have more land that are being used for compost, ready for spring planting.

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