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Saturday, March 16, 2013

My Pride and Joy

No, it's not about my children.  This is about my garden!

I have always wanted to grow my own lemongrass but have failed previously.  While in Tasmania last year, I visited the market and there was a stall that sell seeds.  I decided to try and grow lemongrass from seeds.  We have actually picked and cooked a meal from this home grown plant.

3 lemongrass plants
 My one and only rockmelon, the rest have been killed by the scorching sun.
 This is my Malaysian garden - snake beans and lady finger (okra).

I am keeping the first 2 for seeds.  They are about 2 foot long.  I got Fay to hold the ruler to indicate the length.

It was very hot for the past few weeks in Melbourne, the bean came out curly, instead of straight.

Now some photos of lady fingers.
Keeping the seeds from this one

About 1.5m tall


another view of the flower

growing 'furiously'

Asian green

Beans - new season

I bought the seeds from the same stall in Tasmania, it taste like Asian Kai-Lan, but I prefer the texture of this plant.  Still waiting for it to seed.  It grows like a bush.
Tasmanian green

End of tomato season, these will be the last of them to harvest

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